Who we are

We are a social enterprise initiated by the Women’s Development Centre, geared towards economically empowering women and persons with disabilities in Sri Lanka. By intervening through creative, innovative, and effective change initiatives, WDC strives to encourage self-reliance and promote equal opportunities for at-risk and vulnerable women and persons with disabilities. At our store, we not only sell beautifully handcrafted products but also create a support system for our entrepreneurs so that they are able to run their businesses sustainably.


Sthree comes under the Community Development program of WDC that focusses on implementing a comprehensive economic empowerment program for women through building knowledge on savings and credit, livelihood skills development and entrepreneurship skills development in order to expand women led businesses and provide a market place to sell high quality, eco-friendly products.

Our products are handmade locally by a network of close to 200 artisans consisting of women and persons with disability in Sri Lanka.

Sthree partnered with Planeterra and G-Adventures in 2018 to create a traditional café in the heart of Kandy that serves traditional Sri Lankan food prepared by local women.

We serve: Breakfast / Lunch / High tea – Comprising of an authentic tea tasting experience

For inquiries:

Call – 081 493-3593 or email us at marketingsthree@gmail.com

To give our visitors the ultimate shopping experience we provide them with an opportunity to engage
in taking part in a traditional handicraft demonstration.

At Sthree, our key priority is work towards economically empowering women and persons with disability by providing support to entrepreneurs in marketing, sales and income generation.
Our goal is to provide our customers with unique, value added, products that are high in quality and cause minimal damage to the environment. That is why all our products are intricately handmade made by our artisans.
Entrepreneurs are provided with the technical know hows in product development, design and quality so that entrepreneurs are able to market and sell their products globally.
We not only develop capacities of existing entrepreneurs but also focus on engaging women from around Sri Lanka through the Women’s Development Center in promoting women economic empowerment and encouraging the active participation of women in the local economy by supporting women to live beyond gender stereotypes.